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The thing about writing a PhD is that it´s both deeply rewarding and strangely terrifying. I think it can be described like climbing a mountain; hard work, hazardous passages, risk of storms – but WOW the view can be great! And it is, hands down, one of those rarest of opportunities to work with the things you are most passionate about. And for me, that’s exploring new ways of understanding the highly mobile world we live in.

After my long break away from the project I decided that I had to (re)familiarise myself with the work I had done so far. So I have spent my time re-reading, re-writing and re-defining. And in a way, I feel like I have been traveling back to the core of the project.

So how can I describe the core? One way, which is not an easy task, is trying to frame that main question the PhD should bring an answer to in the end. My main question is how participant-driven and co-created activities in social science, arts and games can further insights into discourses and narratives of future mobilities.

And mind you, writing this in public feels like one of the most terrifying things I can do. Because – you know – it’s not done yet. And even though it’s just one line, and it doesn’t seem like much, it´s astounding how much time can be spend obsessing to get this one central statement, just right.

In any case, surrounding the central question are the themes I have decided to work with (and post about). Here are just the headlines. They have many sub-themes under them, but for the sake of clarification I will stick to the main themes for now:

Mobilities in general

Participatory arts and games

Participatory social science

Free (imaginative) spaces for action

Narratives of future mobilities

Independently, they give insights into specific parts of the project, but brought together they bring new dimensions into the discussion, like: What kind of narratives of mobilities can we find in art performances, even the non-verbal kind. Or, what do activities in free spaces of science, art and games have in common and what kind of narratives can they produce.

But, it’s not all going to be literature studies and thinking deep thought about the world we live in. I’m also going to be ‘out there’ participating in art performances, participatory theater, role-play games, urban games and future workshops.

So if this sounds interesting, keep an eye out for updates, there will be more on cases, ideas, themes and general inspiration in upcoming posts.

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