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Science is for everyone, kids included (TED)

One of my favorite TED Talks.  Beau Lotto talks about the connection between science and play and how play can be a powerful way of solving some of the most difficult questions – within natural science:

The question “why?” is one of the most dangerous things you can do, because it takes you into uncertainty. And yet, the irony is, the only way we can ever do anything new is to step into that space. So how can we ever do anything new? Well fortunately, evolution has given us an answer, right? And it enables us to address even the most difficult of questions. The best questions are the ones that create the most uncertainty. They’re the ones that question the things we think to be true already. Right? It’s easy to ask questions about how did life begin, or what extends beyond the universe, but to question what you think to be true already is really stepping into that space. So what is evolution’s answer to the problem of uncertainty? It’s play. (Beau Lotto TEDGlobal 2012)

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